Farmers Pride Transforming Farming in Africa

Majority of farmers rely on agro dealers for access to farm inputs and services such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, veterinary drugs, animal feeds, mineral supplements and farm machinery. However, most agro dealers who occupy this critical space in the agricultural value chain are limited in their capacity to address the needs and demands of the farmers that depend on them. The limited capacity of agro dealers blocks the potential of success for the vast majority of smallholder farmers who rely on them.

Farmers Pride idea is to transform agro dealer outlets into professionally run businesses and leverage that to build a sustainable franchise model business. Professionalizing agro dealers also means giving them access to technology, both hardware and software, to allow them to operate more efficiently. Working with FARMERS PRIDE, each agro dealer will benefit from a wide range of franchise benefits and guaranteed increase in sales and traffic. Essentially, they will be transformed into businesses that banks and manufacturers are comfortable working with.

Description of Farmers Pride social enterprise Business

Farmers Pride is an innovative solution to smallholder farmers in Kenya and Africa. Farmers pride is providing rural smallholder farmers with timely and relevant quality farm inputs, services and information at affordable prices through comprehensive and innovative franchise model of agro dealers. The business model integrates farmer field extension and education services, quality agricultural inputs sales and distribution, Farmer market linkages, financial services, soil testing services and farmer insurance services to offer a reinforced platform for rural social and economic development. Farmers Pride is leveraging on professionalizing agro dealers to build a sustainable social enterprise. We aim to have 150 quality franchise outlets across Kenya next 5 years before expanding to rest of Africa. We champion for economic inclusion and equitable development through giving special focus and support to youth and women to own and run sustainable profitable agro dealer businesses in rural areas.

Products and Services

Farmers Pride builds and manages relationships with leading agricultural inputs suppliers and manufacturers to secure access to quality products and services for agro dealers and smallholder farmers. Farmers pride retains part of negotiated margin.


Farmers Pride identifies local agro dealer entrepreneurs in rural markets. These partner shops are staffed with trained agronomists and livestock specialists to provide farmers with correct information. Apart from serving as a sales center for Farmers Pride products and services, the shops become the center point for a range of extension, training and awareness creation activities including farmer clinics, product promotions and other forms of farmer extension services.

Farmer Insurance, Soil testing, Market linkage, financial services and other innovative services:

Farmers Pride is building an ecosystem that enables other products and services use our platform interface as a medium to provide their already created products and services like insurance and soil testing.

Targeted Market and Customers

Farmers Pride targets rural smallholder farmers and agro dealer shops. Farmers Pride typical customer is a mixed farming family. They farm multiple crops throughout the year, and keep some animals. They depend on a variety of inputs and services across different seasons to support their diversity of farming activities. These Farmers and agro dealers are empowered through Farmers Pride ecosystem to become more prosperous and happy.